Easy live voting


Engage participants with live opinion polls and elections

Live events

Decisions made easy

GoVote is a digital voting platform for participants to engage in live voting and decision making. Encrypted, tracked, and secure.

How it works

Step 1

Create questions

Unlimited ballots and options

Step 2

Invite participants

Import directly from CSV or XML or invite your existing communities

Step 3

Publish and start voting

Conduct structured assemblies in real-time

Set up and ready for voting in minutes

Use cases

Assemblies, voting, and decisions for all

Businesses and organizations

Conduct assemblies and board meetings, make decisions, and gather opinions.

  • General assemblies
  • Employee representative elections
  • Opinion polls

Home owners and cooperatives

Vote at the annual general assembly, get support and make collaborative decisions.

  • General assemblies
  • Decision making
  • Project confidence backing

Law firms and building administrators

Administer all clients and communities in a single platform.

  • Client management
  • Assembly administration
  • Vote reporting and minutes
GoVote testimonial

... We have long been looking for a digital voting platform that match the needs in a typical general meeting, and with GoVote, we got both the simplicity and the required security. The delegates were happy with the voting system, which made it both easier for the individual to follow the progress, added increased certainty in the ballots, and freed up valuable time during the meeting. This made it possible to prioritize other important issues at our national meeting with delegates from the whole country. As an administrator, it is easy to set up the meeting, prepare ballots, and administer delegate access to the voting platform - both in the overall assembly as well as in sub groups. Also GoVote makes it possible to adjust voting rules so that they match the needs and oddities of almost any organization. GoVote has our strongest recommendations! ”

Poul Exner
Consultant, Skole og Forældre

Everything you need to start voting

Simple needs or advanced voting - GoVote have you covered.

Published assembly in minutes
Secret balloting - anonymous votes
Real-time events - in-person or online
Immediately verified ballot results
Weighted votes for shareholders
Vote by proxy
Invite identifiable participants
Combine online and offline vote casting